Thoughts on Science!

There is no subject that points to the glory of God like Science! Though I have to admit, Math's Fibonacci number is pretty extraordinary too (thank goodness that Math and Science go together)!

“It is the glory of God

to conceal a thing: but

the honour of kings is to

search out a matter.”

—Proverbs 25:2-KJV

“Great are the works of the LORD;

They are studied by all who delight in them.”

Psalm 111:2- NASB

Or as The new Passion Translation states:

“For God’s mighty miracles astound me!

His wonders are so delightfully mysterious

that they leave all who seek them astonished.”

This is Mrs. J’s Science classes in a nutshell!

• realizing that we are fearfully and wonderfully

made (Psalm 139:14).

• seeing the orderliness and reasonableness

of God’s universe.

• following God’s command to become good stewards of the Earth (Genesis 1:28).

• learning how to classify, analyze, and quantify.

• learning to work in a systematic way